The name DYJ Media stems from our mantra - "Do your job."

DYJ brings you full-service media buying and creative production with radio, TV & podcasting - helping you "Do Your Job" in front of more qualified consumers.



Is radio dead? No. Not for millions of consumers with disposable income. The exact people you’re trying to reach. We have creative options designed to help you reach that audience in multiple formats and for a wide variety of budgets. Best of all, we can bring the studio to you. Ask us how.




First impressions make or break the relationship with your target audience…and television can help you make that immediate connection with tens of thousands of viewers. Let us show you how to make that first impression the best impression.




Nothing allows you to target a specific audience like podcasting. But let’s face it…any Joe Blow with a microphone can have a podcast, so you must stand out if you’re going to try to use podcasting to promote your business. Let DYJ Media show you how to boost your production & create the kind of podcast that keeps your audience coming back for more.



Media Buying

You can have the best show or commercial ever, but if you’re not reaching the right audience, does it really matter? Our team wants to make sure that your campaign is seen and heard in all the right places – and that you don’t pay a dime more than you should for the air time. Save yourself some time & money by talking to DYJ Media today.